“To Be or Not To Be “- Finding Meaning in your life

02 January 2019 by Joanne Reed To be or not to be is one of the most famous line of Shakespeare’s [1] play Hamlet.  The main character, Hamlet, lives through a full-blown tragedy with no happy ending in sight; the play deals with questions about life and existence, sanity, love, death and betrayal.   Tragedies are … Continue reading “To Be or Not To Be “- Finding Meaning in your life

Wow News – Slavery

07 May 2018 by Joanne Reed More than two hundred years after the abolition of slavery, the subject is still making headlines today. No doubt this is a sensitive topic that could cause a lot of emotional reactions from all sides; but the key question is why is it still such a sensitive issue? Most … Continue reading Wow News – Slavery

Anyone for a little controversy?

07 May 2018 by Joanne Reed Extract  - This is Your Quest – Chapter 7 – So you think you are free? According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “Man was born free , and everywhere you look he is in chains”. According to Neal Donald Walsch “ People can, on their own, build their own jail. Human … Continue reading Anyone for a little controversy?

Wow News – International Workers Day

26 April 2018 by Joanne Reed 1st May is International Worker’s Day also known as Labour Day. In the late 19th Century the working class’ working conditions were extremely  harsh and it was quite common to work 10 to 16 hours per day in unsafe conditions. The working class rebelled and demanded that the working … Continue reading Wow News – International Workers Day

Labour Day Celebration

26 April 2018 by Joanne Reed Extract  - This is Your Quest – Chapter 11 – How do you define success? Success is a school teacher because he/she wants to be a teacher and feels a calling to be a teacher. Success is a student who goes to school everyday wanting to learn and develop himself/herself academically, physically, … Continue reading Labour Day Celebration

About the Book

An exciting journey through history, socio-economic discourse and philosophical discussion. This book will guide you, using a holistic approach, to finding true happiness. It has the potential to change lives, not by giving advice as to how you should lead your life but by exposing you to concepts, philosophies and a way of thinking (for … Continue reading About the Book