The Art of Living from A Dog’s Perspective

I was asked by Sue Vincent to write an article for her blog, you can visit her blog here: Sue's Blog. So, I decided to write an article about the Art of Living from a Dog's Perspective. Intriguing subject right? Read on. Dogs come in all shapes, colors and sizes. There are the posh types, … Continue reading The Art of Living from A Dog’s Perspective

Why Do Writers Write?

Why do writers write? Writers start writing in solitude but once the work is done writers wish for their words to be read and shared with the public at large. Annie Proulx said, “a book is not finished until it has been read,” getting attention from the public is what authors are craving for. So, … Continue reading Why Do Writers Write?

Celebrating Remembrance Day – 11 November

Today, 11th November, we are celebrating Remembrance Day, it is a day of commemoration and the occasion to remember the 8.5 million soldiers who died across the world during the 1914-18 war as well as those who lost their lives in the conflicts that followed. Poppy Memorial - Remembrance Day - 11 November Poppies are … Continue reading Celebrating Remembrance Day – 11 November