The Book

An exciting journey through history, socio-economic discourse and philosophical discussion. This book will guide you, using a holistic approach, to finding true happiness. It has the potential to change lives, not by giving advice as to how you should lead your life but by exposing you to concepts, philosophies and a way of thinking (for yourself) that may not have been so obvious before.

Part History Treatise. Part Socio Economic Discourse. Part Philosophical Discussion. A Self-help Book like no other. This book will be your entry ticket to go on the most epic journey with the author as your tour guide. The only thing you need to bring with you for his journey is an open mind. Check out our book trailer below to find out more!

This is Your Quest
This is Your Quest Book Trailer

Providing an abundance of stimulation and enlightenment on several key topics, it breaks happiness down into three parts (Money, Love and Health). This trifecta has the power to make us happy when things are going smoothly, but also the ability to make us really miserable when they are not.

Our Quest for happiness begins by following historical and present-day examples of figures of accomplishment, those who have succeeded in their own Quests. This book will entice, surprise and inspire.The words have depth, the journey is meaningful and the message uplifting and thought provoking. Are you ready for your Quest?

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