Advice from a River

Advice from a River

Rivers represent the source of life and the forward motion of time. Rivers also symbolize the power of nature and impermanence and change that are inherent in our existence. Cities and towns often spring up on riverbanks, seemingly brought to life by the water source and the fertility of the surrounding soil. Rivers capture our imagination, not just as a physical body of water, but more like a symbol of life, strength, freedom, and much more; something that we should emulate. Follow the advice from Mother River.

Advice from River. Go with the flow. Immerse yourself with nature – Photo by @freepik via

Advice from a River

Go with the flow. Immerse yourself in nature

Slow down and meander. Go around the obstacles

Be thoughtful of those downstream. Stay current

The beauty is in the journey. Keep moving forward just like a river

Illan Shamir

You cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of your life. The beauty is in the journey.  We are always doing things for the first time, and the landscape will always be new as we move along our life journey. Let’s try to face any novelties with joy and not with fear because it is pointless to fear what cannot be avoided.

Rivers move continuously as if nothing can stop them, they are always in a forward motion, just like our lives which we cannot rewind except in our imagination.  We should not wallow in our past suffering or unpleasant memories. Instead of becoming stuck in the past or worrying about what could or could not have been, we should move on with our lives focusing on the present moment and what we can do at this very moment to improve our lives.  

Fear by Khalil Gibran – Narrated by Joanne Reed



It is said that before entering the sea a river trembles with fear.

She looks back at the path she has travelled from the peaks of the mountains the long winding road crossing forests and villages.

And in front of her, she sees an ocean so vast that to enter there seems nothing more than to disappear forever. But there is no other way. The river cannot go back. Nobody can go back.

To go back is impossible in existence. The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean. Because only then will fear disappear. Because that’s where the river will know

It’s not about disappearing into the ocean. But of becoming the ocean.

Khalil Gibran

Advice from a river: Adapt to change and circumstances

Through twists and turns and numerous obstacles, rivers negotiate their way until they reach their destination. They flow fast when the terrain is favorable and when they encounter difficult obstacles, they negotiate their way around them. Stones should be avoided as much as possible. Trying to break a stone is a waste of your time and energy. Go around them.

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But with time water will wear away rock which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox. What is soft is strong”.

Lao Tzu
Rivers represent the forward motion of time – Photo by @freepik via

The same applies to our life. We should apply ourselves to take advantage of favorable circumstances and negotiate our way through problems and difficulties. We should be flexible in our approach and avoid acting with the rigidity of a rock. We should practice the art of humility, surrender to the circumstances, and go with the flow when the circumstances recommend us to be flexible. But being flexible doesn’t mean that we should bend backward to everything and everyone. It means that we should choose our battles carefully. Some fights are worth fighting and others aren’t so. When comes a time for us to be strong and bold we should emulate the strength of water rapids coming down the valley with purpose and intent.

River flow is not constant, sometimes it runs fast when the terrain is favorable, other times it stops flowing joyfully when it enters a hole or encounters dry season. The only way to get out of this dry hole is to call on time as your ally. Call for patience and perseverance, the dry season will not last forever. When the right moment comes the hollow fills up and the water can flow again.

Advice from a river: Spend your time wisely, once spent you can never get it back

Rivers represent the forward motion of time. Rivers symbolize the impermanence and change that are inherent in our existence. Time is of the essence; it is the most valuable asset each person has. Every day when we wake-up, each one of us has the same amount of time to live a meaningful life, to learn, to give, to share, to experience, to make a difference, to be who you really want to be.

We all have just twenty-four hours a day to do all those things. How you spend your days is how you spend your life. You must make the most of time, because as it ticks by and the days turn into weeks, then into months, and then into years; life can pass you by before you know it. Don’t wait all week for the weekend – enjoy each day as it comes. Don’t wait all year for the summer – enjoy each season as it comes. Don’t wait all your life to be happy – happiness happens every day.

The Value of Time “To realize the value of one year, ask a student who failed a grade. To realize the value of one month, ask a mother who gave birth to a premature baby. To realize the value of one week, ask a writer of a weekly newspaper. To realize the value of one day, ask an applicant who missed a job interview. To realize the value of one hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet. To realize the value of one minute, ask the person who just missed his plane. To realize the value of one second, ask a person who has survived an accident. To realize the value of one millisecond, ask the person who has won a silver medal in the Olympics.”

Extract from Chapter 2 of “This Is Your Quest’

The Quest for most of us is to understand that time is of the essence. Time is the most valuable commodity that each of us have. Once spent, you can never get it back, just like a river that flows you cannot go back. Spend it wisely. Live you life just like a river.

Thank you for spending the time to read this article.

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You remind me of a book called power versus force …

Beautiful story of the River. Amazing. I make motivational videos for my YouTube channel ‘ExcellenceGuru’ . My next topic is going to be based on your article and due acknowledgement will be there for you with your photograph. I am sure you will like it. And this video will be in English as well as Hindi. 🙏🙏🙏. Regards. Commander VK Jaitly

The Power within nature is what Jesus was referring to as Father, which the church translated into God.
They have misinterpreted a lot of the Bible to fit their own belief system, even though Jesus didn’t have anything to do with religion.

Anyways, Nature is far more complex than we had ever imagined and it has a use for everything!
The following paper I wrote recently will completely amaze you I think and I have more like it on the way!

So, enjoy this because nature has the most advanced recycling system in our galaxy!

Have a Great Day!

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