Anyone for a little controversy?

07 May 2018 by Joanne Reed

Extract  – This is Your Quest – Chapter 7 – So you think you are free?

According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “Man was born free , and everywhere you look he is in chains”. According to Neal Donald Walsch “ People can, on their own, build their own jail. Human beings have a tendency to close themselves off, shut themselves down, lock themselves into a box by their own view on life; they can build their own jail, step into it and close the door behind them. People do this all the time. Resentment, anger, fear, self-righteousness, close-mindedness are the roads they take to their own penitentiary. People mistakenly think that these paths will get them where they yearn to go to a place of safety.

But soon, while sitting in their mental bunker, they find that they have not gone to a safe house but to a jail house”.  It is not a given to think that everyone wants to be free, because liberty carries with it “responsibility”. Some people are willing to sacrifice freedom for security. Today slavery in the form that was legally in place in 16th to the 19th century no longer exists. Yet in the 21st century, one cannot stay indifferent to the fact that unprecedented numbers of people throughout the world are reduced to servitude. Economic hardship, a context of war and family indebtedness are today the essential causes of enslavement.

4 thoughts on “Anyone for a little controversy?

  1. I believe the ones who build such “mental prisons” know the reasons for building one.
    But the important question, I believe, is HOW to break free of such a prison?
    One may still find a logical and practical way to eliminate the indebtedness by following a path of financial discipline. But there could be more reasons or “bars” in this “mental prison”

    1. Exactly. Practising critical independent thinking, having an open mind, resisting willful blindness and self-righteousness are a few steps that one can do in order to break free from those mental prisons. I dig deep into those subjects in my book ‘This Is Your Quest’. Feel to check it out and let me know what you think.

      1. Oh..!! Thats great to know.. 🙂
        I shall surely check it out soon and discuss.. Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts.. 🙂

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