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Author joanne reed this is your quest Who knows whats good or bad?
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Who Knows What’s Good or Bad? A Blessing in Disguise

Sometimes its difficult to know what’s good or bad. Being wise is a good quality, most of us don’t think of ourselves in those terms, we prefer giving those attributes to some ancient philosophers, sages, or monks. However, each of us harbor bits and pieces of wisdom that lay deep inside of us; but if we work on this a little, we can bring those morsels of wisdom to the surface.

author joanne reed this is your quest the art of letting go
Be Happy 21

The Art of Letting Go

On the Himalayan mountains was founded a great monastery were students were put to the most rigid tests to cast off all attachments and achieve enlightenment. Two monks of noble repute were summoned by the abbot to take a sealed letter to another leading monastery and submit it to the head abbot. Such journey was to last three days on foot …

Self-Help 28

The Art of Being Still

Stillness means to be steady while the world spins around you. Socrates tells us that philosophy begins with wonder, and wonder is rooted in stillness. Other philosophers from various schools of thought have come to a similar conclusion, namely that the ultimate destination in our life journey is to master the stillness that is required to become master of our own life.