Cecil Chubb: The Man Who Bought Stonehenge For His Wife

Buying one of the seven world wonders as a gift. Imagine being married to a man who uses his fortune to buy you a unique and expensive gift (that you didn’t really want) only to gift it to the public shortly afterward. You can read this fascinating story on history of Yesterday.

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2 replies on “Cecil Chubb: The Man Who Bought Stonehenge For His Wife”

Hi, Joanne.

As always, an enjoyable read. Barrister Chubb had a certain amount of…what’s the word?…dash in purchasing a gift for his wife with HER OWN MONEY. (Perhaps chutzpah might be more appropriate!)

A fascinating book to which I would refer you and your readers is “Sarum The History of England.” It is the history of five families who lived, worked, fought, and ruled in England from 10,000 BCE to the present. Its centerpiece is Salisbury, anciently known as “Sarum,” the site of Stonehenge.

Most of the archaeologists I’ve read suspect that the henge is for astronomical purposes, as many other henges, dolmens, and pyramids seem to attest.

Thank you for the fascinating story about the Chubb Purchase!

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