How To Become A High-Value Individual

This is a story that you want to read. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves, and about others. There are two ways to learn valuable life lessons that will teach us to become a little bit smarter and wiser. The first method is through trial, error, and personal experience and the second method is through storytelling. The downside of the first method is that it will no doubt bring you a fair amount of pain and suffering, which is something that we all want to avoid as much as possible. Learning life lessons through someone else’s struggle and ordeal is a much less painful way to go about it whilst still bringing the same benefits.

In stories, we capture and observe the actions of the ideal personality or otherwise referred to in this article as the High-Value Individual. The stories we create, watch, listen to and emulate are those that showcase actions and attitudes we find interesting and compelling.

High-Value Individuals know themselves, but it is not enough.

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According to Aristotle, knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. But it is not enough, the important question that we should also ask ourselves is who could we be?  Everyone has the sense that there is more to them than they have yet allowed to be realized.

Achieving our full potential could be hindered by poor health, misfortune, and the tragedies of life; but it can also be hindered by an unwillingness to take full advantage of the opportunities that life offers, abetted by all sorts of errors such as lack of discipline, faith, imagination, and commitment.

But if you want to be the hero of your own movie then read on because this article and eBook will give you some tools to become a High-Value Individual. From the beginning of time, knowledge was shared from generation to generation thanks to storytellers who used their artistry to pass on information, knowledge, and wisdom to their community.

Well-chosen words breathe hope into us when our spirits are broken, revive us when our bodies are weary, lift our spirits up when we lose ourselves in an ocean of despair, redeem the wrong we feel, and make us stronger than we know.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to become a High-Value Individual.

High-Value Individuals are compelling

How to Become a High-Value Individual. Photo from Freeppik via

High-Value Individuals learn how to walk before they can run. Being compelling is your training ground to become a High-Valued Individual. It is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of work, discipline, and the ability to learn from your mistakes; you will need to demonstrate patience and perseverance.

Whether we are realizing it or not we are always influencing people, whether it is to get our toddler to eat their carrots and broccolis or convince our colleagues, our boss, or our business partner to adopt alternatives way of doing things, or to help our friend and family to adopt healthy living habits, being compelling is how we make things happen in this world.

We are always influencing people. The moment we step into a room we create an impression of ourselves by the way we are dressed, the expression we have, and the energy we exalt. But is this impression the one we mean to be creating? Could we be forging better connections and a stronger influence if we knew how to be more intentional about the impressions we are generating?

People thrive for connection. We all want to hang out and do business with people with positive vibes. Do not underestimate the power of exchanging something as simple as a smile with a total stranger or holding the door for someone who is behind you.

Being compelling is all about learning the art of striking a perfect balance of strength and warmth and finding your authentic self in the process. We don’t need to portray something we’re not, but we do need to play up to our positives and pay attention to the signals we’re sending others. 

You play up to your strengths when you can display your skills and convey your capability in a straight and effective manner with confidence and no arrogance. 

You convey warmth when you can create a sense of connection, understanding, compassion, and genuine care for the other person. You put these two ingredients together and you end up with a powerful elixir that can generate respect and affinity.

How much strength and affinity can you display? It will depend on your communication style.

There is so much to say about this subject of being a High-Value individual that I felt I couldn’t do justice to it in a short blog article, so I decided to turn the whole exercise into a 35 pages eBook – How to Become a High-Value Individual.

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For those of my readers and followers who want to get acquainted with the tools to become a High-Value Individual, I invite you to purchase my eBook on It will be a good use of your time, it is easy to read and it is packed with eye-opening information and guidance.

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