Life Is a Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act and your Quest should be to embrace the ups & downs, the good & the bad, the joy & the challenges.

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this is your quest
life is a balancing act
Whatever you do you need balance. Life is a balancing act.

The Golden Mean

In chapter 14 of my book “This Is Your Quest” I describe with the help of Aristotle, the concept of the “golden mean“. Aristotle explains that the “golden mean” is an intermediate condition between two other states: one involving excess and the other deficiency. To take an example, the courageous person judges that some dangers are worth facing and others not, and experiences fear to a degree that is appropriate to his circumstances. The courageous person lies between a coward, who feels every danger and experiences excessive fear, and the rash person, who experiences little or no fear. Finding the “golden mean” in any situation is not a mechanical or thoughtless procedure but one which requires a full and detailed acquaintance with the circumstances.

This “golden mean” concept is known as “the middle way” in Eastern Philosophy, such as Buddhism; it describes the path between two extremes. The middle way can be considered a universal pursuit – a Quest for a way of life that would give the greatest value to human existence.

And this, my dear friend, is your Quest!

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