Live and Let Live

I would like to share this article Live and Let Live to celebrate the birthday of Alizé (my youngest daughter) who is turning 18 today. Time flies! I feel so blessed to be her mother, to have been able to nurture her, love and guide her along the way. Alizé is the name of the wind that blows over Réunion Island where I live – it is a gentle wind not a stormy wind. I like to describe her as our Little Miss Sunshine because she has brought so much light, love, and fun into our lives and to other people’s lives too. Alizé’s superpower is to be able to illuminate the room as soon as she steps in. I am so proud of who she is and have great expectations as to whom she may become. She is a beautiful lady inside and out and strong too.

This article is a way for me to celebrate her and give her some further guidance as she will soon leave the family nest to do her own thing.

Live and Let Live

I wrote the poem below for my eldest daughter Maya when she graduated from High School in 2020. Today, I wish to re-iterate the same guidance I gave to Maya a few years ago to Alizé and expand it a little bit.

To my lovely daughters,
Live fully and courageously,
Let live and understand Human Nature,
Know yourself and your true essence
And understand how the world around you operate

Wake up, dress up, show up,
And do the best you can every day,
Until You know better,
Then, when you know better,
Do better.

Treat your body as a Temple,
Attend to it every day,
Nurture it,
Worship it.

Know that early years can be full of tears,
But I know that you are built to face those fears,
And I will always be here to send you cheers.

Do you have what it takes?
A mind of your own,
And the ability to get in the zone.

I wish you clear vision,
So that you can make good decisions,
And not be paralyzed by indecision.

To have clear vision,
Can you master your intuition?
And use it as ammunition.

You have this flame, this light inside of you ,
That sometimes will shine very bright,
Surround yourself with people
Who would say, woaw this is a beautiful light
! Keep shining baby.

And when your friends’ light is shining
You want to be the kind of friend
That would say, woaw this is a beautiful light! Keep shining baby.

So, go and shine your unique and natural light,
As bright and as strong as you can,
Be phenomenal!
Be you.

© Joanne Reed

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By Author_Joanne_Reed

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6 replies on “Live and Let Live”

Dear Joanne:

What a BEAUTIFUL poem—written for two BEAUTIFUL daughters.

With the way you have raised them, I am 100% sure that both apples do not fall far from the tree!

With best wishes and affection,

Dear Steve. Thank you for your message 😊🙏🤩 Raising children is not a piece of cake; there are so many things that can go wrong. I feel so grateful right this instance to have been able to manoeuver parenhood and my two daughters make me very proud. I look forward to seeing them grow and do their own thing.

Hello Joanne,
Magnifique poème sur la vie !
Bon vent à tes filles Maya et Alizé sur les chemins de la vie !
Oui, comme Blaise Pascal, notre célèbre Auvergnat, l’a écrit : – “Il faut se connaître soi-même. Quand cela ne servirait pas à trouver le vrai, cela au moins sert à règler sa vie, et il n’y a rien de plus juste.”
Soyez prudentes et prenez bien soin de vous !
Bisous amicaux d’Auvergne (France)

Hello Joanne,
Wonderful poem about life!
Good luck to your daughters Maya and Alizé on the paths of life!
Yes, as Blaise Pascal, our famous Auvergnat, wrote: – “You have to know yourself. When that would not be used to find the truth, it at least serves to regulate your life, and there is no nothing more just.”
Be careful and take good care of yourself!
Friendly kisses from Auvergne (France)

Hello Louis 🤗. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on “Live and Let Live” it really warms my heart ❤️. Thank you for your kind wishes for Maya and Alizé and thank you for sharing Blaise Pascal citation. So true and so Precious 🙏l Merci Louis pour ce beau partage. Take care. Enjoy your summer in beautiful Auvergne Bisous de la Réunion.

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