Goddess Athena – Be Like a River

Goddess Athena – Be Like a River

Humans are emotional in nature. They have a tendency to react to events in an emotional manner through feelings of anger, worry, fear, frustration, exasperation, envy, impatience, resentment, etc. Those emotions are fine as long as you can keep them in check. The best way to control emotions is to train yourself to think more and feel less, i.e. to become more rational. This does not come naturally, it is a skill that needs to be cultivated.

So, what helps human beings cultivate the art of greater rationality?

I searched for the answer and last night was blessed by a dreamy visit from the Goddess Athena!

Goddess Athena is one of the most influential of all Goddesses; she gave her name to the City of Athens and is the Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, law, justice, strategic warfare, strength, arts and crafts.

Athena is also the patron Goddess of heroic endeavors; she is the voice that comes to heroes in times of need, instilling in them a calm spirit and giving them the energy to achieve their goals. Under Athena’s influence, man or woman can see the world with perfect clarify and take action just right for the moment.

Q&A with Goddess Athena

Athena’s essence was rationality, her greatest gift to mortals was to enable a human to act with divine wisdom. In my conversation with Athena last night, I asked her:

Author Joanne Reed, “what is your best advice for mortals?

Goddess Athena, “listen to Nature because Nature speaks and you will walk through life in a blissful and joyful state of mind.

Author Joanne Reed, “Goddess Athena, mortals are living more comfortably than ever, but are still living lives of quiet desperation, full of doubt, misery and no sense of direction.”

Be Like a River

Goddess Athena, “Tell your fellow mortals to be like a river. Go with the flow and immerse yourself with nature. Slow down, ramble and go around obstacles. Be thoughtful of those downstream. Remember that beauty is in the journey.”

Goddess Athena, “My last words are to REED Joanne’s book ‘This Is Your Quest’ and keep tuned-in to her blog. I will be talking to her regularly to share more ‘divine wisdom’ to spread more joy and happiness”

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to listen to Nature, be like a river, pay attention to a Goddess and just do what she says!

 Advice from a River is part of the True Nature series by Ilan Shamir.

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