A Book Like No Other – Book Reviews

A Book Like No Other – Book Reviews

For a writer, book reviews can open doors to new and bigger audiences; writers know it, readers know it, publishers know it. What people are saying about your book can be a huge factor in its success.

Book reviews make books a known quantity, they save readers time, prepare them for what they will find and offer them a greater chance of connecting with a particular book, even before they read the first page! They also make their authors very happy.

I am grateful for all the curious souls out there who were brave enough to pick up my book, read it and a special thanks to those who took the time to write me a book review. Thank you to Robert, Louis, Floyd, Rahki, Saania, and Catherine for taking the time to read my book and post their book reviews. For those who have not yet picked it up, there is no better time than today to go an epic adventure with me acting as your tour guide; I will take you on a journey through time, across many continents, oceans, mountains, all the way to space and back home to the depth of you own heart.

I am always interested to find out how people react to my book and which section of the book resonates with them in particular. It is my pleasure to share with you some recent reviews that came my way.

Join me on this Epic Journey

Empowering Book – Catherine Germier – Founder & CEO of Millennium Destinations – 20 June 2020

“This empowering book will embark you on an exciting and inspiring journey which will challenge or even change the perspective you have on your life and its purpose. In these times of uncertainty, this is the guide we need”.

A historical, philosophical journey through life – Saania Saxena – High School Student – 15 June 2020

This book is truly insightful. Personally, history is a subject I found genuinely boring at school. I was never interested in anything my teachers taught me about the world history. Whereas philosophy is something I enjoyed immensely. This book, This Is Your Quest is the perfect combination of both.

When the author talks about Jessica Watson, I instantly felt a connection and I felt something resonate with me deeply. Not only because I am sixteen too, but because I always want to challenge myself. I have always wanted to inspire people. And through her words of what she explained during the interview for the Los Angeles Times, it’s like she voiced my thoughts. I have always been judged for doing something big because “I’m so young” and “I don’t know much about life”. But age is simply a number. I am writing my own book at the age of sixteen because I feel like I can. So, I heartily agree and loved the statement about the fact that grit and determination can help one achieve their dream.

Or when the author talks about time being the most valuable commodity each one of us have. We are all given the exact same amount of time, it is what we choose to do with it that makes one more successful, satisfied, content and happier than the other. Specially as a teenager, I see time as one of the most salient things in my day to day life. Every time wasted costs me. Writing a book during quarantine has enabled me to utilise my time wisely, at the same time doing something that I love.

What Santiago learned in Tangier, Morocco, with the crystal merchant about fear is also something I felt. As we go through our lives, one of the most important things we learn about the world is how life begins at the end of our comfort zones. Each time I have moved to a different country or a different city, I was thrown into the world of unknowns. I was intimidated by the people who were a part of it, the things I wasn’t ready for, and I didn’t know which direction was the safest. As humans, we tend to like stability and we feel comfortable with familiarity. But it is when we head towards the unknown, that we fight our fears and conquer the real world.

All in all, I enjoyed the order, structure, style, and the language of the book. It’s an easy-read which is very good because young readers like me can feel accommodated too. Not only that, I think it actually should be read by young minds because we are the ones who are raring to take on the world! I want to read this book over and over again to stick to and remember these highly crucial and important life lessons.

In a Category of itself – Floyd Williams- Author of ‘The Book of Self-A Thesis on Energy and How it Interrelates – 11 June 2020

This Is Your Quest is book that is in a category by itself. It is not like the average self-help or motivational book. “This Is Your Quest” is a tangible epiphany of man’s deepest longing of liberation, journey, joy and the pulse of life. The pulse of life that is man’s intuition, which is all too often unfortunately suppressed by man to be fit to scaled to societies norms. Joanne Reed is the author, but when you read the book you feel like you are the one who is writing it (hence the title of the book which really does it justice;) for it truly captures and reflects man’s inner longing. As I read it, I felt like a child with an imagination being expanded.

The examples of history from the past to current events used in this book are very poignant masterfully establishing connection to the reader’s own potential and unveiling of. That is where the power lies in this book.

This Is Your Quest is no mystical self-help book, it is pregnant with information ranging from monetary system, history, mythology, health, vaccination, and symbology, designed to aid the reader in giving birth to whatever their mind can conceive.”

A Unique Book – Rakhi – 10 June 2020

This is Your Quest is the first book written by Joanne Reed and I was just amazed by reading such detailed research on so many subjects, whilst highlighting really interesting snapshots of history and forgotten wisdom; all of this is expressed in an eloquent manner, easy to read and very informative.

The author has shown remarkable work with her research by writing such an epic self-development story. The book also contains topics such as political, social behavior, and psychology which will no doubt help the reader understand human nature in a more holistic way. The pursuit of happiness is the centerpiece of the book and all the stories, fables, wisdom, and quotes you will find in this book will gently guide you to find your own path towards that very special place everyone is seeking that is called ‘Happiness.’

The highlight of the book is the way the author explains everything with a creative description, that caught my attention from the very beginning. The book has a smooth flow to it and will really make you think and go deeper than you have ever been before. If you are not a fan of History, you may become one after reading this book. Joanne Reed demonstrates in her book, how knowing history is important in order to understand our present, and what we do in the present will affect our future. Overall a unique book. ‘This Is Your Quest’ is like no other books you have read before. So if you are a keen reader or even if you are not, this book is for you it will open your eyes and make you see things differently. To all the curious souls out there, I would recommend that you pick this one, it has the potential to change your life.

A Compass to Move Forward – Louis – 20 April 2020

Dear Joanne. The Companion that I have been throughout the reading of your book This Is Your Quest, says to you quite simply and sincerely: Thank you! A compass to move forward in the pursuit of our well-being and treasure chest to signify that there are hidden treasures to be discovered on our life’s path… these two pictures on the cover of your book faithfully translate the words, the story and the message you wanted to and knew how to convey. As you remind us so well, we cannot understand the present without knowing the past and what we do in the present will determine our future… You are right, wisdom teaches is not to ignore what has happened in our lives, but to learn from it. Let us learn from our experiences. Let us understand our mistakes, our failures, but also our successes. Let us know how to invent new perspectives and create the ideal conditions to advance with serenity on the path of our life. It is up to us to stay the course and to not let go. Between knowing and not knowing there is: learning. Between being able and not being able there is: trying. Between loving and not loving there is: tasting. So let’s taste the joy of reading and or re-reading your book … and let’s be ready for our Quest to Find Happiness Along the Way!”

Beautiful Trove of Ideas – Robert Gregory – Author of Down, But Never Out – 16 January 2020

“This book drew me in from the start. The amount of information that’s been seamlessly strung together into a bountiful trove of ideas is staggering. I especially like the chapter on symbols and the fact about how they can be and have been deceptively used. The author, Joanne Reed, by evidenced in the text, absolutely loves to research. As a writer myself, this text will be a go-to reference for future projects.”

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