10 Minute Mindset – Part 1 of my Podcast Interview

I was a special guest of Mario Porreca who is the host and founder of 10 Minute Mindset Podcast. Mario reached out to me because he believes that I have a story ( through my book) that the world needs to hear. 

Mario asked me to tell him what led me to write my book. He was very interested in the fact that I talk a lot about history, philosophy and economics in the book and wanted me to tell him more about why these are important when we go on our own journey of self-discovery on our own Quest.

10 Minute Mindset with Mario Porreca – Episode 1 – “This is your Quest”

You can listen to the podcast by going on Mario’s website or by playing the file below (interview starts at 5:52):

10 Minute Mindset with Mario Porreca – Episode 1 – “This is your Quest

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