Advice from Goddess Athena – How to Find Your Passion

Goddess Athena is back with advice on how to find your passion!

If you’ve read my previous articles, you’d know that Goddess Athena and I have a special relationship. We talk to each other. During those conversations, I ask her advice about matters that trouble my fellow mortals.  

For those of you who haven’t read my previous ‘Goddess Athena’s Blogs, please allow me to make the introduction.

Goddess Athena

Goddess Athena is one of the most influential of all Goddesses. She gave her name to the City of Athens and is the Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, law, justice, strategic warfare, strength, arts, and crafts.

Athena is also the patron Goddess of heroic endeavors, the voice that comes to heroes in times of need instilling in them a calm spirit and giving the energy to achieve their goals. Under Athena’s influence, man or woman can see the world with perfect clarity and take action just right for the moment. Athena’s essence is rationality, her greatest gift to mortals was to enable a human to act with divine wisdom.

Sometimes it is hard to stay motivated, maybe because you don’t really like what you do, or because you have yet to find what it is you are passionate about, maybe it is because you haven’t yet seen the results of your hard work.  So, in my ‘dreamy’ conversation with Athena last night I asked her how to find your passion:

How to Find Your Passion

Author Joanne Reed: “Lots of people nowadays feel demotivated and deflated because they have not yet found that one thing that keeps them passionate and eager. What would you say to those people?”

Athena: “Your fellow mortals tend to look for things in the wrong places. It is right for humans to want to live their lives with passion. The problem is that humans believe their passion is hiding somewhere, maybe behind a tree or underneath a rock. Humans should be first and foremost passionate about life itself. The truth is that our passion comes from doing things right. Get into the habit of injecting passion into all the things that you do. If you do this consistently, a time will come when something will stand out above all the other things, that is the thing to devote more time to doing passionately.”

Author Joanne Reed: “But there are those who have found their passion but feel demotivated and deflated because they cannot see any results. What would you say to them?”

Athena: “Stop focusing on the outcome and start focusing on the work itself!  They should pursue the things they love doing and they should devote themselves on a daily basis to practice and hone their art until people cannot take their eyes off them.”

Author Joanne Reed: “Thank you Athena for those wise words. There may still be time when people feel discouraged, I am sure my fellow mortals would appreciate some more guidance on how to find your passion.”

Athena: “My advice is to listen to nature and learn ‘Nature’s Language.’ Do daily meditations and talk to the Sun, the Moon, the Rain, and the Breeze. They should ask the Sun to bring them new energy by day. They should ask the Moon to restore them by night. They should ask the Rain to wash away their worries and they should ask the Breeze to blow new strength into their being. If they do this, they will be able to walk as tall as the trees and to stand as strong as the mountain.”

How to Find Your Passion in Nature, Immerse Yourself in it.

Author Joanne Reed: “Thank you Athena for those words of encouragement and wisdom. I will talk to my fellow humans and remind them to stay calm when the world around them is dark and scary. I will remind them to keep believing in themselves when filled with doubt. I will tell them to trust that the darkness will disappear with the first rays of light as the morning rises. I will tell them to scare away fear itself; to scare away the fear of not being good enough, I will tell them to scare away the fear of tomorrow and to continue to walk as tall as the tree and to stand as strong as the mountain in the knowledge that their morning is near.”

And this, my dear Friend is your Quest!

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