Epic Journey Through China – Part 3

Temple of Heaven

Extract from This Is Your Quest – Chapter 7 – Page 100:

“The idea of building huge temples and monuments was to instill the idea that the rulers were of a different class than the average man. The other way the rulers imposed their authority upon the rest was to make up stories/narrative in order to make the people believe that men were fashioned from clay and created for one purpose only: to serve the Gods and Sons of Gods living on Earth (i.e. Kings and Emperors) by supplying them with food, drink & shelter (i.e. palaces) so that they may have time for their divine activities spent mainly towards the preservation of their own glory & authority. The ultimate purpose of the rulers was to install control, regulation and fear into their subjects, so that they themselves could have a life of leisure and luxury.”

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Photo taken in Beijing at the Temple of Heaven which was used to be a place where the Emperors of the Ming and Qin Dynasties went to worship Heaven and offered sacrifices to pray for good harvests & favorable rain.

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