Walk The Talk

Walk The Talk

Aristotle’s followers are said to have discussed philosophy while walking about with him. They literally walked the talk!

Every person, great or small has important work to do. There is for each and every one of us a goal that we must follow. A path that bears our name. A hand that we must hold. A word that we must say. A smile that we must give. A song that we must sing. For seldom do we realize the importance of small deeds. For great things can happen if everyone of us would brighten up the spot on which they are standing.

You Too can Walk The Talk

I made it my Quest for 2019 to help as many people as I can (through the words I have written in my book 📖) to find the path which bears their name.

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By Author_Joanne_Reed

Joanne Reed The Author
Author of "This is Your Quest". You can't buy happiness but you can buy books. Your mission, should you wish to accept it is to experience happiness