Wow News – Slavery

07 May 2018 by Joanne Reed

More than two hundred years after the abolition of slavery, the subject is still making headlines today. No doubt this is a sensitive topic that could cause a lot of emotional reactions from all sides; but the key question is why is it still such a sensitive issue? Most people will have a tendency to  approach this subject in a very polarized and emotional manner.

So I am going to jump in the arena and attempt to weigh in on the subject and give you my 5 cents on it.  Divide & Conquer is a strategy that has been used from the beginning of time and is still being used today: Rich v Poor, Black v White, Privileged House Slave v Unprivileged Cotton Field Slave, Men v Women, Straight v Gay…and you can go on and on and on… Making us fight against each other serves the purpose of the elite. So, my take is: Don’t play their Divide & Conquer Game.

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