Life Is a Balancing Act

Life is a balancing act and your Quest should be to embrace the ups & downs, the good & the bad, the joy & the challenges. THIS IS YOUR QUEST! Whatever you do you need balance. If you lean too far one side or the other you will fall off. In chapter 14 of "This … Continue reading Life Is a Balancing Act

Walk The Talk

Walk The Talk Aristotle's followers are said to have discussed philosophy while walking about with him. They literally walked the talk! Every person, great or small has important work to do. There is for each and every one of us a goal that we must follow. A path that bears our name. A hand that … Continue reading Walk The Talk

“To Be or Not To Be “- Finding Meaning in your life

02 January 2019 by Joanne Reed To be or not to be is one of the most famous line of Shakespeare’s [1] play Hamlet.  The main character, Hamlet, lives through a full-blown tragedy with no happy ending in sight; the play deals with questions about life and existence, sanity, love, death and betrayal.   Tragedies are … Continue reading “To Be or Not To Be “- Finding Meaning in your life