Happy Valentine’s Day Message

Happy Valentine’s day! The 14th of February is that special time of the year when we celebrate love and romance, a day when restaurants are booked up and chocolate sales go through the roof! To understand why it is celebrated it is helpful to understand it's history, how the traditions of Valentine’s Day started, and … Continue reading Happy Valentine’s Day Message

The Art of Being Still

Too often our minds are caught in a cycle of stimulus and responses; The Art of Being Still may be a helpful read to help achieve an uncluttered mind. Often, the easiest way we can figure out who we are is in moments of solitude; but too many people have a fear of solitude. Some … Continue reading The Art of Being Still

Why Do People Do the Things They Do?

At the end of an otherwise successful interview for a senior position at a new company a candidate was asked, “what motivates you?” Without barely a moment’s hesitation and with a deadpan delivery, he replied “sex, money, and fear.” The room erupted into laughter; it may have cost the candidate the opportunity, but was the … Continue reading Why Do People Do the Things They Do?

Do You Know Who You Are?

Do you know who you are?  It sounds like an easy question, but if you spend a little bit of time reflecting on that question, the answer might not be so obvious. According to the Ancient Greeks, the source of all wisdom and clarity is to Know Thyself. That Motto Know Thyself was one of … Continue reading Do You Know Who You Are?

Laughter is the Best Medicine

When people are asked what’s important in their lives, they often mention humor. Humor and laughter bring the pleasure of acceptance, in-group feeling, and bonding, and lots of positive health benefits. In romantic relationships, one of the first things that people say they look for in a mate is a sense of humor, or the … Continue reading Laughter is the Best Medicine

How To Define Success?

Christopher Isaac "Biz" Stone is the Co-Founder of Twitter, who once said: “Timing, perseverance and ten years of trying will eventually make you look like an overnight success.” But, how to define success? Is it a fluid concept? Well, I guess it depends a lot on who you are and what you want to achieve … Continue reading How To Define Success?

Why New Year Resolutions Are Doomed to Fail

Happy New Year! We've left the last decade behind us and are entering a new one. Every year millions will make a bunch of New Year resolutions, maybe to take a more active approach to health and fitness, improved finances, or learning something for personal and professional development. However, year after year, a familiar pattern … Continue reading Why New Year Resolutions Are Doomed to Fail

The Gift of Clarity

The festive season is upon us, a time for celebrations, seasonal gatherings and exchange of gifts.  For the little ones, Christmas is associated with everything looking a little prettier than usual, with Christmas decorations and lights everywhere. But the excitement really comes from the expectation of a visit from Santa Claus who will stop by … Continue reading The Gift of Clarity

The Art of Wearing Hats

If you look down at what you are wearing, I guess you see a top and a bottom, if yes, you could be missing an important detail. To step things up and make a statement with your attitude and your style, you’ll want to add another element, not a bikini, but a hat! But, what … Continue reading The Art of Wearing Hats

The Art of Living from A Dog’s Perspective

I was asked by Sue Vincent to write an article for her blog, you can visit her blog here: Sue's Blog. So, I decided to write an article about the Art of Living from a Dog's Perspective. Intriguing subject right? Read on. Dogs come in all shapes, colors and sizes. There are the posh types, … Continue reading The Art of Living from A Dog’s Perspective

Why Do Writers Write?

Why do writers write? Writers start writing in solitude but once the work is done writers wish for their words to be read and shared with the public at large. Annie Proulx said, “a book is not finished until it has been read,” getting attention from the public is what authors are craving for. So, … Continue reading Why Do Writers Write?

Celebrating Remembrance Day – 11 November

Today, 11th November, we are celebrating Remembrance Day, it is a day of commemoration and the occasion to remember the 8.5 million soldiers who died across the world during the 1914-18 war as well as those who lost their lives in the conflicts that followed. Poppy Memorial - Remembrance Day - 11 November Poppies are … Continue reading Celebrating Remembrance Day – 11 November