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Leave Your Hat On

I love hats. I buy them, wear them and even write about them.  As a writer, I like wearing hats because it helps me keep ideas in. Ideas are abstract, fluffy things, prone to floating away, remaining just out of reach if you don’t contain them. So, best to leave my hat on!

Have you noticed that people who wear hats come across as more confident; they exult charisma.  As well as keeping your ideas in, the beauty of using a hat to change your attitude is, of course, that it’s the quickest costume change possible; the right headgear can help create an attitude and all the confidence you need in no time at all. Affirm your identity with a hat. The hat that dresses you reflects your principles, your attitude, and your panache.

Whatever the weather and whatever your mood, leave your hat on. Cap, hat, or beanie are excellent protection against the cold, rain, wind, and sun. A hat can shield you from the elements or keep your hair in place. A hat can hide despair, anguish, loss, or gloom. Or it can ignite a smile from people when you walk into a room. Feeling blue? Wear a hat. Feeling nervy. Wear a hat. Having a bad hair day? Wear a hat. On the run? Wear a hat. Want some fun? Wear a hat.

Let’s talk hats!

author joanne Reed
Leave your hat on

If multitasking is your superpower. Wear multiple hats. Mothers are experts at wearing multiple hats. Mother – Housekeeper – Cook- teacher-nurse – Coach – taxi driver – Storyteller – Planner – Organizer – Decorator – Best friend – multi tasker – Bloody Wonder woman! Next time you go out shopping looking for a present for your mother, buy her a whole collection of hats so that she can look the part whenever she is changing hats.

Hats off to all the multitasking mothers out there. For centuries, taking one’s hat off in the presence of someone was a sign of respect, but it was only from the 19th century that the expression became figurative in the sense of admiration or respect.

When my daughters were younger it wasn’t unusual for me to rush to school  at the drop of a hat to bring the forgotten school assignment, sports gear, or other vital items that my daughters forgot at home. The phrase ‘at the drop of a hat’ originates in the 19th century. During that time, it was common to signal the beginning of a fight or race by either dropping a hat or sweeping it in a rapid downward motion.

I really had to put my thinking cap on to write this article. I didn’t want my readers to think that I was all hat and no cattle when I was saying that I love hats so much that I can write a meaningful article about them. So, I come to you hat in hand, with a request to like, comment and share this article if you learned something from it.

Having said that, I am actually struggling to fill this article with more meaningful facts about hats. I am thinking now would be a good time to pull something really amazing out of my hat to keep my readers interested and engaged till the end. So I thought I should share a beautiful poem with you written by Pamela Joyce Randolph.

Let’s be poetic!

Your Quest my dear friend is, if you are feeling blue, wear a hat. If you are feeling nervy. Wear a hat. If you are having a bad hair day? Wear a hat. If you are on the run? Wear a hat. If you want some fun? Wear a hat.

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  1. Hi, Joanne.
    When I saw the headline of this post, I had thoughts of “You Can Keep Your Hat On” (Randy Newman, “Sail Away,” 1972 and the Joe Cocker recording (1986)).
    But no, it was a light-hearted romp through the world of the headdress; perhaps you would take us to panama or we would don a fez or a kufi and meander through the kasbah, maybe then leading us to Paris where we could wear a beret or Edinburgh where we could model a tam o’shanter.
    Whereever you took us, I have to say that your post was absolutely top hat.
    As always, thank you!

    1. Hi Steve. 🙂🙏Thank you for your message . Glad to hear that my latest article 👒🎩🎓🧢🪖⛑️ hit the mark. Being light hearted brings me a bit outside my comfort zone. My normal style is a bit more serious. I am experimenting with light -heartedness. Let’s see where it will lead. To be continued…

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