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They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself
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They always say time changes things

Thinking that time will change something, to cling to it and get lost in its torments; time just passes and doesn’t change anything. The only thing that changes is the hour, the date and the year. It is up to each one of us to change and to want to change, to grab the bull by the horns and move forward and arm ourselves with experience and change what was wrong and move in the direction that leads us to success, or failure.

There's a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough
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Quote of the day, Giving Up

Giving up means you that you have lost hope and trust in yourself. Giving up lowers your self-confidence which is a really bad quality. But knowing when you’ve had enough is understanding that the current situation is not what you want, or not heading in a direction that you want to go.

author joanne reed this is your quest the art of letting go
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The Art of Letting Go

On the Himalayan mountains was founded a great monastery were students were put to the most rigid tests to cast off all attachments and achieve enlightenment. Two monks of noble repute were summoned by the abbot to take a sealed letter to another leading monastery and submit it to the head abbot. Such journey was to last three days on foot …

Author joanne reed this is your quest quotes that can change your life
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Quotes That Can Change Your Life

A good quote can change the way you see your life, can give you boost when you need it, can act like a friend when you need one or just make you laugh. Famous people’s wise words have traveled through history some have forever been engraved in our collective memory. Here are some quotes to help change your life.

Author Joanne Reed - This is Your Quest - Hidden Treasure – A Story About Jewel - Jewel Kilcher
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Jewel Kilcher, A Hidden Treasure

Jewel Kilcher, the American singer-songwriter, went from rock-bottom to rock-star. Her music career started with gigs in biker bars and clubs but progressed to performances at the White House and even the Vatican. Singing is not Jewel’s only talent she found the time, in between albums, to become a bestselling author, an actor, and a philanthropist.

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The Art of Living in Uncertain Times

The world has gone scary and crazy, there is an invisible threat, bearing the name COVID-19, that is lurking everywhere waiting for its next target. People are feeling worried, anxious, scared, and helpless. Human beings are fragile animals, but we are also resilient rational beings with foresight, discernment and the ability to survive, and even thrive, when the going gets tough.