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Jagii Vasudev (born 3 September 1957) more commonly known as Sadhguru is an Indian yogi, mystic and author. His biographer, Arundathi Subramaniam, described him in her book “Sadhguru – More than a life” as someone who is multi-dimensional, someone who is flamboyant, exuberant, remarkably compassionate, warm, friendly, funny, but who can also be remote, enigmatic, provocative and unpredictable. Sadhguru leads a remarkable and unguarded life, allowing everyone to see all the various facets of this personality – from wild motorbike rider to being a mystic, a yogi and a guru. His wise words and teaching have helped and inspired many all over the world.

Sadhguru – Yogi, Mystic and Author

Being pleasant is an art that needs to be cultivated. In this blog, I will take you on a journey to “Pleasant Ville” guided by the wise words of Sadhguru.

All human experience is coming from within. One of your missions in life should be to become as stable as a mountain; because it is only when somebody has a very stable base that many things can happen. Exhuberance of life is possible only if there is absolute stability in your life; otherwise exhuberance will lead to madness.

The first thing is to bring balance within yourself, so that you become available to the magic of life. Balance is necessary to make this life beautiful. Human emotions are a very important aspect of being human. Emotion is a powerful thing and it is the strongest and most intense aspect of someone’s life. The question is: when you have emotions, would you prefer to have pleasant emotions or unpleasant emotions? It is an obvious choice and I bet that all of you would prefer experiencing pleasant emotions if given the choice; but in reality, a lot of people out there keep their emotions bitter a lot of the time. So the question that you have to ask yourself is: do you want to be pleasant or unpleasant?

If you become pleasant in your body, we call it health. If you become very pleasant in your body, we call it pleasure.

If your mind becomes pleasant, we call it peace. If it becomes very pleasant we call it joy.

If your emotions becomes pleasant we call it love. If it becomes very pleasant we call it compassion.

If your life energy becomes pleasant we call it bliss. If it becomes very pleasant we call it ecstasy.

If your surroundings becomes pleasant, we call it success.

People ask themselves: should I be loving? You don’t have to be loving. Just be pleasant with yourself, pleasant in your mind, pleasant with your emotions, pleasant with your energy. If you manage to do this day in and day out, you will become a wonderful human being, and you will in return be able to share all that pleasantness with people all around you.

And this, my Dear Companion, is Your Quest!

This Is Your Quest – Author Joanne Reed


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