French Edition of “This Is Your Quest” Climbing the Amazon Charts

“If it’s worth celebrating, it’s worth celebrating in hotpants.”

Only 48 hours after its launch the French edition of “This Is Your Quest” is storming up the Amazon Sales Charts! Thank you to everyone that has bought my book and visited my website. I hope that you find something inside to inspire you!

If it's worth celebrating, it's worth celebrating in hotpants.
Author Joanne Reed
Amazon Ranking
Launch Photo for the French Version of “This is Your Quest”

En Français

48 heures seulement après son lancement, “En Quête du Bonheur” fait irruption dans les ventes d’Amazon! Merci à tous ceux qui ont acheté mon livre et visité mon site internet. J’espère que vous y trouverez de quoi vous inspirer !

Amazon France Sales Chart for 30 May 2019.

If it's worth celebrating, it's worth celebrating in hotpants.
Amazon Ranking
Author Joanne Reed
“This is Your Quest” at #47 on Amazon France Self Help Books – Rankings 30 May 2019

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    1. Thanks Paul for your message . I enjoy your blog very much. I wrote in my book “This Is Your Quest” (check it out!) a chapter about the unconditional love you get from a dog and the benefit of living with a pet. I also told the story of Hachi from Tokyo Japan made into a Hollywood movie with Richard Gere as the lead actor. So much you can learn from dogs!

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