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Thank you 😀🙏 to the Indian Magazine INDIDNA ( for writing 8 articles on “This Is Your Quest” and for recommending my book 📖to their readers! 

According to the journalist Dipsikha Samantaray “This Is Your Quest” is one of the best and most inspirational books of all time. In fact it is one of the best self-help book published in the past decades!” According to journalist Soudami Mohapatra : “This Is Your Quest” will take you on a roller coaster ride through in-depth discussions on philosophy, socio-economic discourse and truth-seeking subjects. This book will entice, surprise, challenge your point of view but will also inspire and guide you to find fulfillment and find answers from within self.

Links to all the articles are below, ” THANK YOU INDIDNA!”

Boost up your self-confidence and develop the skills of learning from the failures

This Is Your Quest: Directing You Towards Success, Happiness & Prosperity

Give Yourself An Inspiration Boost With Book ‘This Is Your Quest”

This Is Your Quest – Your Guide To Happiness, Prosperity & Success

What Advantages We will Get from the Book “This is Your Quest”?

“This is your Quest”- A Book about Prosperity, Self-help, Happiness, Philosophy & Success

Gracing with ease and strengthening life using self-help

Conquer the long and winding road to happiness

What Advantages We will Get from the Book “This is Your Quest”?

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