Happy Bastille Day to All my French Compatriots!

On 14 July France celebrates Bastille Day, happy Bastille Day!

In 1789 the people of Paris stormed the Bastille, a fortress prison that held political prisoners jailed by the Royal Government of Louis XVI. The taking of the Bastille signaled the beginning of the French Revolution and became a symbol of the collapse of the ancient regime. The French Revolution stood for the ideas of LIBERTY, EQUALITY, and FRATERNITY, these virtues stand for being able to make one’s own decisions freely and having the opportunity to be able to express one’s own beliefs without fear.

Vive la France! 

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Happy Bastille Day
Happy Bastille Day

Aujourd’hui la France célèbre la prise de ma Bastille. Le 14 juillet 1789, le peuple de Paris prend d’assaut la Bastille, une prison forteresse qui détient des prisonniers politiques emprisonnés par le gouvernement royal de Louis XVI. La prise de la Bastille marque le début de la Révolution Française et devient le symbole de l’effondrement de l’ancien régime. La Révolution Française à mis en avant les idées de LIBERTÉ, ÉGALITÉ ET FRATERNITÉ. Vive la France!

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  1. Viva la Bastille day, Viva la Freedom! Thanks for sharing all this, my Dear Joanne. …I had misspelled Your name in one of my earlier comments. Sorry. …Love and Regards. 🙂

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