The Pursuit of Freedom & Independence – The Righteous Army – Part 2

General Kim Si-Min was a prominent Korean General during the Joseon Dynasty. He is most famous for defeating 300,000 professionally trained Japanese soldiers with an army of just 3,800 “men” comprising of farmers, scolars, monks and women.

Thank you to Monk Beobhye (who is a direct descendant of General Kim Si-Min) for his hospitality and for sharing this amazing story of courage and determination. 

This army was known as the “Righteous Army”. Victory was obtained thanks to General Kim Si-Min ability to motivate and inspire his people to fight for their freedom and independence, thanks also for their superior strategy of using archers who had the power to accurately hit their targets from far away, and for their ability to find innovative ways to conduct warfare. This battle established General Kim Si-Min firm reputation as a fierce warrior. In Japanese theater play the villain is known as “Moksa” 👺 – Legend has it that ” Moksa” is General Kim Si-Min.


In my book I described the act of courage of the opppressed against the aggressor. 

General Ki Si Min’s first act of bravery was to kill a snake that was terrorizing his village when he was only 7 years old.